Rental Equipment

1 40 H Caterpillar Motor Graders


Designed to create flat, level surfaces for your construction and grading needs.  1 40 H Laser level available for an additional charge.

Fuel Tanks


Three hundred (300) gallon and one thousand (1,000) gallon fuel tank on tandem trailers and 4-lube trailers.  Available for mobile refueling and on-site oil changes.

Auto Valves


  • A safer, quicker way to use your water tower. 
  • Operator stays in the truck (no slip/fall on wet and/or slippery terrain). 
  • Operator uses electronic key (no chain reduces possible damage to hand). 
  • Operator simply pulls under the stand pipe and pushes the electronic key to open valve; filling the truck.  
  • Operator pushes another key closing the valve to stop water flow. 
  • Operator drives away having never left the driver’s seat. 
  • Valve is easily installed using factory hardware. 
  • Solar charged to keep batteries charged for continual use. 
  • A manual chain is added for use in case of an emergency.   

Portable Ponds


  • Portable Ponds hold up to 16,000 gallons of water and delivers 4,000 gallons/min.  
  • Portable Ponds are remote controlled by operator who never has to leave their equipment.  
  • Portable Ponds have a 6ft x 8ft secure compartment reduces the loss of water due to vandalism or theft.  
  • Portable Ponds can be joined together for greater volume if needed. 

Please call for Pricing and Availability